WCFTS Rules - Requirements:
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                                         Series Classes

 Open Class

The division that is responsible for crowning the series champion, the Open class is the premier division on the West Coast Flat Track Series championship trail, offering top notch competition in the form of all-out, wide-open, anything-goes racing. Class rules are liberal, to say the least. Competitors are allowed to compete aboard any motorcycle that is properly prepared in accordance with a few basic guidelines. Motorcycles must feature a minimum engine displacement of 350cc. beyond that, the sky’s the limit. You can expect to see two-strokes and four-strokes of all displacement sizes and engine configurations be they 600cc singles, 750cc V-twins or some radical, methanol-burning multi-cylinder beast. It is truly a “run what ya brung” format.


Saddlemen Vintage Class                         

Where would we be without our roots? The Open Vintage division pays homage to the machinery of yesteryear, allowing fans of the great days of Triumph vs. BSA vs. Yamaha vs. Harley, etc., to once again witness the glorious sights and sounds of an era gone by. Class requirements call for motorcycles of 1974 and earlier vintage, with engine displacements limited to 441cc minimum and 750cc maximum. Yamaha TT500 two-valve singles are also eligible for competition. Just like the Open class, all Open Vintage motorcycles must have a rear brake. The West Coast Flat Track Series Open Vintage class revisits the good ol’ days, when the men were men, and a champion was defined not only by how he rode, but what he rode.



Top Gun 450 Class         


The newest class to debut on the West Coast Flat Track Series program, the Honda Top Gun 450 Class is designed to offer current motocross, off-road racers and potential dirt trackers a unique opportunity to learn and develop their basic skills - and then hopefully move up the ladder - at the premier West Coast Flat Track Series venues. Riders can race flat track aboard 250cc/450cc motocross and off-road motorcycle-based equipment that they may already own. Basically, this class is “Flat Track 101,” affording riders the chance to “get their feet wet” in organized flat track racing without having to incur the cost of buying a flat track-specific motorcycle in order to be competitive with other special flat track-only equipment. The Honda Top Gun 450 Class is policed by a strict set of rules designed to create parity among the vast potential market of production-based MX and off-road brands, which can be made competitive practically off the showroom floor!

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