Germany is a country that has everything

Germany is a country that has everything

Germany has had a turbulent history. The country was divided into two nations, started a World War and more. These are the basics to know if you’re planning a trip.

A guide to Germany for travelers

The Federal Republic of Germany is its official name. Germany is approximately the size of Montana and covers more than 135,000 sq miles. Berlin is the capital, with more than 3 million residents living within city limits. Other notable cities include Hamburg with 1.7million residents, Munich with more than 1.2 million people, Cologne and Frankfurt with just over one million residents. Dortmund has 592,000 residents. Stuttgart has 580,000 residents. Dusseldorf has about the same amount. Hanover, with just over 500,000 people, is Bremen’s population. Germany packs a lot into a very small area.

Germany is a country that has everything, from a terrain standpoint. The country’s north is composed mainly of flats and shoreline. While the middle of the country is a fertile valley. The south of the country shares many formations with Switzerland and is dominated by mountainous terrain. Due to this diverse terrain, the climate can vary from one area to another, but it is generally cool with substantial amounts of rain.

Germans are the nationality of citizens of Germany’s Federal Republic. According to the latest population study, the total population surpassed 82 million. Although the ethnic divide is mainly German, there are Danish and Slavic minority populations in the north. Despite Hitler’s policies, there has been a strong inflow of immigrants to the country with over 7.3million people qualifying.

Germans are divided in two major religious camps. 26 million Roman Catholics, and 26 million Protestants are represented. About 3.3 million people consider them to be Muslim.

German is the official language, but English is widely spoken in many areas. For 10 years, education is required. The literacy rate is greater than 99 percent. German men have a life expectancy of 74 years and women averaging 6 years.

As you can see, Germany is home to both good and terrible history. It’s a remarkable destination for tourists, regardless of whether they are visiting to see history and/or the World Cup.

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