About Us

About Us

The purpose of this website is educational for the purpose of helping individuals to better understand and manage their finances. In todays world with the constant bombardment of advertising material it is easy to be persuaded to part with our hard earned dollars.

Moreover, as we’re growing up most of us get very little help either from our parents or the education system on how we should practically handle our money. Predictably, when we enter the workforce and start earning money we become overwhelmed by peer pressure to keep up with everyone else.

Instead of being lured into party mode and buying things like the latest clothes, jewelry, car etc. we should be saving those dollars to invest in things like property and shares.

Alas, most of us never get that kind of advice and that’s why over 90% of all retirees end up on some kind of Government assistance when we retire.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t apply for credit or take out personal loans when the occasion warrants it. Nonetheless, it takes a smart person to make money and even smarter person to hang on to it. Therefore, be smart when you take out loans or credit cards and only take them out when it absolutely warrants doing so.

The smart person always calculates in advance how they’re going to pay that loan back before they even commit to it. By doing that you will always stay ahead of the game.

We sincerely hope you find the information and tips on our wesite to your benefit